The next issue of the magazine I work for is going to be a review of 2010. For one section, each of the photographers has been asked to select some of their favourite photos from the year's assignments that, for whatever reason didn't get published, to be published in the new year. It's a nice idea as these particular shots will be pretty much 100% down to the photographers' personal taste, whereas normally the editorial team will make their own selection from the batch that the photographers send through - sometimes these would be exactly the ones that I like best and sometimes not; but it's always interesting to see what makes the cut. It's also a chance to reflect on how my photography has grown over the past 6 months from my first ever editorial assignment in June/July of this year. And I'm happy to say that it's the latest photos from the more recent assignments that are my better ones. Anyway, here are the two from my choices which will be published.....

...and the two that will have to wait - which I suppose now makes them outtakes of outtakes.


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