Probably overdoing the Thaipusam posts now, but these are some outtakes from the festival. They won't make the final cut for various reasons but I like them all the same.'s one of my favourite 'kavadi' bearers from the festival. He had huge, staring eyes and his tongue, stained pink, was flicking quickly from side to side. I like this photo although I don't really think it does him justice.

...this one may make the final selection still.

...a colourful procession of 'hijra' fronted by this manically dancing, flame-wielding guy. I spent a while trying to get decent photos of this group, but between trying to dodge his burner and stay upright in the crowded, bottlenecked section they were passing through, I don't think I quite managed it.

...another from pre-hooking. He looks so at peace before the hooks arrive.

...this was up in the caves. At the temple on the second level there's a weak fountain of milk. I saw this boy's mother cup her hand and try to pour some of the holy liquid into her son's mouth. I took a shot but my camera was on the wrong setting, but I like how you can see how little he wants it all the same.

...a bit of blur.


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