A couple of weeks ago, I went with mine olde friend Debbie to Singapore to see one of my favourite bands, 65daysofstatic. Debbie is also their booking agent so she secured me a photo pass and we hung out with the band and their crew before and after their gigs; and not only do they make incredibly beautiful, complex music, but they're also all really lovely people. So that's the cherry on top of that particular cake. Musical cake.
And after waiting for years to see them they didn't disappoint, playing two intense, storming sets back to back, carpeting the capacity crowd (none of whom spilt their drinks, though I think they wanted to) with fractured beats, loops and melting globules of distorted feedback. Carpeting? Globules? Hang on...I'm not a music critic...best you go and listen to their music here, or better yet go to one or some of their shows, or do both. Yes, do both. Highly recommended. So far they're the hardest band I've photographed; no-one stays still for long and they have a magical ability to duck and dodge around the spotlights.


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