Last month I set myself the Easter challenge of eating some things I'd really rather not eat. I don't really have that much to say about them, as their memory still drops me into a gentle, thoughtful silence. I won't be eating any of these things again.

The brain of a pig. It has a light taste, and a disappearing texture. Kind of how you'd expect the idea engine of an animal to feel in your mouth. I managed about half of the left hemisphere. Thank-you to my friend Anne-Marie for introducing me to this meal.

Trung Vit Lon or, duck foetus egg. The fertilized egg of a duck. It contains the sad, proto-parts of what would one day become a duck. After a few spoonfuls I found what looked like a tiny clay mold of a leg. It wasn't too difficult to stop eating.

Blood from a pig. Contains other bits of pig. This strikes me as absurdly insulting to the pig. Kind of like eating a chicken and egg sandwich. Anyway, although I like black pudding and other forms of edible blood, this wasn't very nice. And these photos, in terms of their colours, are pretty much 'as is'. It really does look like bright red paint.


  1. Great post, and beautifully written. A perfect example of how you can write about Vietnam's more "unusual" foods without resorting to X-TREME gross-out macho crap. Thank you.

  2. Cheers Tabitha, I appreciate it. Especially from someone with a well-written, entertaining blog such as yours. If you would like to read more un-macho, sorrow-infused words on the subject of these delicacies please follow this link: