So it came to pass that the yearly event that all sane Hanoians look forward to rolled around again, and this year I was the lucky shashinka given access to the stage to document the event.

The festival was rammed - as usual - and not even torrential rain towards the end of the day could dampen the spirits of the crowd. The rain may even have made it the best ending to a CAMA Festival that these eyes have seen. Hundreds of people squashed together under the tarp in a seething mass of humanity, others rolling around in the mud to either side, watching Electric Eel Shock in all their high-octane drum bothering guitar chewing glory.

So. Thanks to the CAMA crew for inviting me to photograph their festival, and a big thanks to them also for all the effort they put in, year in year out, bringing bands over, putting on shows, and making Hanoi a more exciting place to live. They're essential to the life of this city, so please continue to go to and support their Good Works.

Here be some crowd shots:

And the bands - starting with.....



Go Lim:

Turbo Goth:

Poubelle International:

Carsick Cars:

Akil the MC:

and, Electric Eel Shock:


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