I did a bit of work a few weeks back for the International Peace Foundation. Prince Alfred of Liechtenstein, who is the Chairman of the Foundation's Advisory Board, was visiting, and I documented some of the Hanoi leg of his trip.

We visited The Minister of Foreign Affairs first. And we travelled in slick, black BMW's with a police escort, so that was pretty dandy.

The following night there was a cocktail reception at the Hanoi Hilton.

At the end of the night I sneaked off a photo of the Prince's wife, Claudia, eating a pudding.

She came to talk to me after that, and she's a lovely woman. I'd thought they might live in a castle in the Alps, and have horse-drawn carriages and bugle-players and the like. But I now know they live on a farm, are interested in permaculture, and Alfred is seriously into the idea of raising yak. Take that assumptions!

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