I've been neglecting this blog of late for things actual and virtual. I have no evidence of the actual as yet, so I can only present the virtual, and only some of it, or the face of it at least.

Many hours have I spent hunched over the computer fiddling with both the front and back ends of my website. I'm learning anew about SEO and other such things that make my head spin. I'm trying to push my pages up the search engines so that I have some form of visibility online. For some reason I'm still at the top of page one for photographers in Hanoi while I ride a yo yo between pages 27 and nowhere for photographers in Berlin. It's extremely frustrating, but things are looking up - my long awaited business registration arrived from Google today so hopefully that marks a time to climb.

I've also overhauled my website - changed the colour scheme, combined some galleries, updated, re-sized and trimmed down the amount of images, and made the whole thing nice and easy to view on iPhones and iPads or any form of touchscreen device. It's not finished, but it's a start, and it feels good to get underway in that sense.

But it also means it's time for some other unseasonal spring cleaning, as I have a backlog of blog posts left over from Hanoi clogging up the pipeline, and the first German non-iPhone based one to get to. Onwards. In the meantime, please go and take a look at my new-look website, especially if you have an iPhone or something similar, because I think it looks rather nice.

Dominic Blewett Photography


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