So it was that yesterday, as promised, David Hasselhoff came to town. The man is something of a hero here after he sang 'Looking for Freedom' at the Berlin Wall on New Years Eve 1989, not long after the wall came down.

Part of the longest remaining section of the wall, at the iconic East Side Gallery, is slated for demolition to provide access to luxury riverside apartments. After recent protests against this development and planned destruction of one of Berlin's most-loved memorials, 'The Hoff' took to Twitter to voice his concern, and throw his weight behind calls to preserve the wall. Respect.

A sea of people turned out to see him; I've never been in such a crush. Hasselhoff was squashed up against a wall, and eventually made it to a truck from where he sang to the protesters, and they at him. The photos below are all of the same thing: David Hasselhof. Maybe by repeating the subject (like saying "David Hasselhoff, David Hasselhoff, David Hasselhoff" for several minutes without pausing) it'll make the events of yesterday seem more real, or strip it of its intensity somewhat. Either way I hope it makes it a bit less weird. I never expected to see David Hasselhoff anywhere, let alone go out of my way to see him. But that happened, I did. And I must live with that knowledge - as must you.


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