As you can see from the title of this blog, I need cheese. I love the stuff with an insane and sometimes frightening passion. Spend a day with me and the chances are at some point I'll start gibbering at you about it, for hours - it's never far from the surface. That's exactly what happened to Ian from The Word on our recent trip to Halong Bay, and he had the good sense and kindness to assign me to the next issue's food section which will be on CHEESE. He also kindly agreed to give me a cheese buying budget, so the last few days I visited the local cheese sellers to purchase my top ten cheeses of the moment with a stupid grin on my face. At home yesterday they were lovingly unwrapped before I spent hours circling and photographing them, followed by more hours at the computer sweating and dribbling in front of the photos. Today we had a small cheese lunch at the magazine office and everyone had the questionable honour of witnessing my bug-eyed cheese-love firsthand as I crammed morsel after morsel into my moaning maw. Embarrassing. Here are photos of 9 of the 10 cheeses. Unfortunately one of them - the Cambozola - got swallowed before ever being captured on camera. Evidence of a serious cheese addiction right there, that and a mind like emmental. Thanks again to Ian for putting me on this. Best assignment ever. Enjoy.


Brie de Meaux:

Goats Cheese:


Port Salut:


Fourme d'Ambert:



And if that whet your appetite, amongst the many things I discovered on this little journey into the heart of dairy, was this very funny and well written blog, which in turn pointed me to these 2 articles/photo essays on the art of Swiss cheese-making here and here. Must stop now.


  1. that's an intense roquefort close up, almost indecent...