Today I played with a new lens - that strange looking device up there. It's not my lens but, even though it's not my place to do so, I'm tentatively christening it either 'The Odd Child', or 'The Ozeck (Ozric) Tentacle'. It's kind of like a Lensbaby although, unlike that lens, it's spring-loaded. Focusing is achieved by pulling the end in and out, and you can choose the area to focus on by swivelling. It. Around. The spring is quite strong, relative to me, so each frame is like a miniature wrestling match; you have to be quick. It's also pretty easy to swivel too far and then you end up with some of the plastic casing dipping into view and looming over the shot like a big, black looming thing; too much and it looks like a horrifying fog of fear, but a little bit can look quite alright. Below are some shots from this afternoon's jaunt up to the Summit Lounge of the Sofitel Plaza. Also, on my return home, I inadvertently discovered my oven top is perfect for shooting small black objects on. Praise be.


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