I was only in Kyoto for a night, but it was enough to fall in love with its mix of the traditional and the modern, the beautiful and the seedy. Zen rock gardens, temples and, of course, the old teahouse-lined pleasure district of Gion where you can come face to face with ancient Japan. To which I say - "Great! Really 'sugoi' and just the sort of thing I want to see."

But then I also feel like I should say this:

Yes, Geishas are beautiful. Yes, Geishas are an endangered species. But they're also people like you and I. There's no need to hunt them as if they were wild animals  There's no need to scuttle backwards in front of them, blocking their way, almost tripping them over, virtually leaving an imprint of your lens in their make-up. Please remember that any subject, whether or not they notice you personally, are allowing you to photograph them. You are not somehow entitled to your shots. Even if you do get that picture you were looking for it'll be forever marked with the memory that you acted like a twat to get it. So, in this case, position yourself well, use a zoom lens, or if you don't want to do that and really really can't be respectful, go home, or be imaginative and get your 'geisha shot' some other way that doesn't involve upsetting anyone. Seriously maan, all of you, and you know who you are, get a grip.