Lately I've had a couple of reasons to look through all of the photos I've taken since I've been in Vietnam, and thankfully I can see that from then until now my photography has improved massively. I used to do some strange things a few years back. Like take whole series of photos with 45 degree horizons. I thought they were cool then. Now I know they are unusable.

Maybe everyone goes through these stages. Perhaps it's just something you need to do to get out of your system. Or perhaps the things you did years ago will always seem weird in the light of the present. It's making me look more closely at what I'm doing today anyhow.

Here are some pictures from the past that I still like. Even if perhaps I wouldn't treat them the same way today, and can see several things about them I'd change, I've not touched or tweaked them to satisfy my 2012 self, but left them as they are:


  1. I just stumbled across your blog and I'm really enjoying all the pictures. Keep up the good work! PS, do you have GPS coordinates saved to these pics? I would love to see where you'll taken them.

  2. Thanks Sonny, very kind of you! I don't think I have the GPS coordinates saved to these, unless it's the default setting on my camera. But they're all taken in Hanoi - in the artisan area just outside, and on the banks of the Red River.