A selection of my black and white travel photos from around Vietnam are now up on display in the Tamarind Cafe at number 80, Ma May Street. One of the prints is as big as I am. So please pop in and have a look. It's a good place to have a fresh juice and eat some vegetable edibles too. And if the desire should take a hold of you, there are small 18cm x 13cm prints on both wood and paper available to buy, and if you do, I can have juice and vegetables too.

Thank-you to Senors Ian Paynton and Dave Stout for introducing me to Luka, and to Luka herself for supporting my work and wanting it up on her walls. A big thank-you also to me lovely girlfriend Cat for helping me with the layout, the hanging and all the niggly organizational things that would have taken me ages otherwise. And finally, thankyou to Minh, Nga and Tu at the Tamarind Cafe for their infinite patience in the hours they spent making the measurements, drilling the holes, and hanging my photographs. Thank-you. Merci beaucoup. Cam on cac ban.


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