I've been doing a bit of work for a commercial client of late. They wanted some photos taken for their website. We brainstormed (thought showered?) some ideas to do with typically 'Vietnamese' things to give their brand a strong local identity, and decided on three possible options; the eventual winner being the photo in the screenshot below.

I needed a cog, and in one of those strange, magical coincidences this city throws up from time to time, I came across one lying in the street. I took it home and cleaned it - or tried to clean it. It's truly amazing how much grease can ooze from something that doesn't look greasy at all. My hands and bathroom sink became steadily blacker. I gave up, and now that cog is rusting beautifully above the washing machine.

The next day I bought a cog from one of my favourite markets in Hanoi - the Sky Market - where manly things of metal and grease are sold and, allegedly, you can go to buy back anything that was stolen from you. And one humid morning I drove down to the Red River to find a willing, conical-hatted woman, to help me with my photo. And find one I did - her name is Nong.

So, thank-you to Nong for her patience - for standing in the scorching heat while I moved her hand and head around. And thank-you to Hubert at Sixth Gear Studios for the assignment. Thanks also to Hubert for being a joy to work with through each stage; everyone deserves a client like this from time to time - where everything feels relaxed and easy. Et finalement, thanks to Jeff for putting us in touch.


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