These photos are from a recent visit to the Railway Workers Ku Thap The in Hanoi, which are communal living quarters for the rail workers and their families, adjoining the Hanoi Railway Station.

We had a tour of the place - not the living quarters but the workshops. Grease-covered men in blue overalls attacked pieces of metal, did things to massive wheels, and hunched smoking around ancient machinery. We saw a turntable and the men turned it for us. We were taken to see an old steam engine being renovated. We fumbled around in the dusty old cab, pulling levers and staring at dials. We pulled the chain and made loud tooting noises. We - myself and the writer - realized that we still wanted to be train drivers, or trains, or something on rails. Which is why I'm posting all of the photos I took that day, not just a selection. Choo choo.


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