If there's anything my long, illustrious photography career has taught me, it's to be prepared if you have the chance. Although one of the many joys of the job is to parachute (or be parachuted) into a situation blind, with only your wits and eyes to save you, there's nowt wrong with saving yourself the sweat beads if you can.

A case in point: portrait sessions. It's always worth scouting locations to get an idea of backgrounds, foregrounds, aspect, texture, pattern, shape, direction, form, place and the like, to get inspiration for the shots you want to take. Then you feel calmer. You can sleep on your ideas and allow them to marinate. And you can begin to worry in a professional manner about the weather being different to when you scouted.

In any case, while out scouting, there are photos to take, too. And if that sounds obvious, it's because these are photos:


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