A wee while back I shot another wedding with Aidan Dockery in Thailand. This time we headed south, to the beach, to the Pimalai Resort on Koh Lanta.

It rained the day we arrived, at the time the ceremony was planned for the next day, so we were worried the weather could make things tricky. But on meeting Paul and Miki we both knew immediately that it was going to be a lot of fun, whatever the weather did.

And fun it was. Lots of laughter, a bit of Tarantino, great speeches, great music, not one but two fire-shows, and a big bridal party all out to have a great time in a stunning location. In short, one of the best weddings I've photographed.

So, many thanks to Paul and Miki for having us along, and a big thanks once again to Aidan for taking me along for the ride - you can see a slideshow of both of our images if you click here.

In honour of it being so much fun, it being my first beach wedding, me having a new camera etc etc, here's quite a laaarge selection of shots: